Improving Interactions

New paradigms come and go, but email is here to stay in a big way for a lot of people. The one thing we can do is improve the way we interact with it. We can put the Inbox in its place and tame the experience and make it more manageable.


This is where MailTamer comes in. We have created a tool that rethinks the way you interact with your Inbox for a world on-the-go. It’s a new way of looking at your email, and when you use MailTamer for the first time, you’ll say “finally.”


The unique sender, contact and recipient-based views, along with chronological and message-size views help organize your Inbox. With a single swipe and tap, emails can be deleted, copied or moved en-masse.


MailTamer makes email simple, making it easier for you to get that Inbox to zero and get back to what matters. So, get minimal-izing, get chopping, and get shredding. Get the Zen of a Zero Inbox.

Remarkable Features

What makes MailTamer 2 a one-of-a-kind Email utility.

Sender-Centric View

Messages in your inbox and all folders are shown grouped by sender. You can choose to view all senders, onlly those senders who are already saved in your contacts, or view sender by date showing individual messages like traditional email clients.

Recipient View

One additional view available is Recipient View. Here you can see messages for each recipient of the mail in the selected folder. This is useful if you use different email addresses for a particular account.

Chronological View

The Chronological view shows your messages as a traditional email client would show them to you, in reverse chronological order. Occasionally it's nice to see when your email arrived.

Drill-down for Detail

While your inbox is shown by sender for simplicity and speed, you have the ability to continually drill-down to see detail on the messages sent by that sender. You can also view a web preview of HTML mail.

Attachment Handling

New in MailTamer 2 is the ability to view and share Email attachments. We also added Read/Unread flags to help you see what you might have already seen.

Contact-Centric View

With MailTamer you can see messages broken out by senders in Contacts. Mail from senders not in your Contacts on your phone are grouped together separately. Perform actions on messages from known senders or those not known.


Easily view and create contacts for the message sender shown. MailTamer integrates with Contacts on your mobile device.

Multiple Email Accounts

MailTamer can give you a sender view for a number of your IMAP and POP mail accounts. Easily connect to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and other services like iCloud Mail, MSN and Hotmail.

Size View

This view shows you the size of your individual email messages in descending size order. This helps people address the messages taking up the most room in their mailbox.

Search Enabled

Search senders in the sender-view and search folders when applying actions to a all or selected messages. As you search for folders we give you the option to create folders at the same time.

MailTamer 2 News & Tips

Here are some tips and information on how to get the most of your MailTamer expeience.

Dealing with Large Mailboxes

We've gotten a number of requests from users who have very large Inboxes saying that MailTamer 2 does not seem to pull down all of the messages at once.

An update will be issued soon (version 1.0.2) that will allow MailTamer to download more messages while in the background. Until then, you can update your phoine's settings to keep MailTamer running and thus let it grab information on all messages in your Inbox. To do this, go to your Phone's settings and set Auto-Lock to 'Never'.

Caution must be taken, however, as your phone will remain unlocked and is exposed to anyone to access until you physically turn off the phone, or change the Auto-Lock setting back when MailTamer is done.

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